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Space Engineers Review That Reveals All That is Important

Written by on August 2, 2019

A Realistic Space Engineers Review

There are enough video games on the internet to give anyone into gaming plenty of exciting experiences. Every gamer, no matter whether a novice or an expert, will soon find their favorites. One which makes this list for many is Space Engineers. This Space Engineers review is going to focus on what really counts for those who enjoy video gaming.

What is Space Engineers About?

This is a three dimensional (voxel) game which is played in an open world (sandbox) setting. The developer, Keen Software House, is in the Czech Republic and produced this game in 2013. During its initial stages, it resided on the Steam Early Access platform. It entered the beta phase in 2016, and the official release took place in February 2019. This is an exciting video game that can be enjoyed both by single players and in a multiplayer setting.

Space Engineers Review

The Gameplay

One of the unique features about Space Engineers is that it appeals to a target market which wants more than just blood and guts killing between humans. Players of this game get to develop their skills in the space world, where they can build spaceships, mine resources and use their wits to become a survivalist in outer space.

While this game is a virtual setting for some, in reality, it may not be too far off in the future. Who knows, maybe Space Engineers is going to be the training platform for a future way of life.

Players will begin by choosing the astronaut who is going to make them victorious in their quest as becoming the best space engineer in the virtual world. Players will find themselves in one of two modes, which are the creative mode and the survival mode.

Overall, the significant challenges players are going to be faced with, include the following tasks:

  • The building of space ships
  • Space station construction
  • Pilot ships
  • Asteroid mining

Then, what adds to the excitement of this is that players can make and assemble any objects and take them apart, and they can be destroyed.

In the multiplayer mode, players can play against each other by building and destroying objects in real-time. This creates even more significant challenges, to see which player is more skilled at both their building and destruction.

Space Engineers Game Play

What are the Unique Features of Space Engineers?

In this game, players get to create their own challenges. They not only can build their own space ships, but they get to operate them as well.

The two modes allow the player to take on two different roles. The Creative mode will enable them to use their imagination, and the Survival mode puts them in a position of keeping themselves alive in a whole new outer world environment. Players can create their own missions.

What Problems Stand Out the Most?

As with any new game, there are a variety of problems which have to be worked out. With Space Engineers, some of these have been Windows 10 problems, the game crashing and some bugs with gameplay. There is excellent troubleshooting support for these online, so most of the issues have either been corrected or dealt with quickly.

Space Engineers Trouble Shooting

What are the Exciting Elements?

There are undoubtedly a lot of exciting elements to this space-themed video game. For example, constant updates are being created which take the game to another level, such as being able to customize the LCD screens, plus a replay option.

What are the Boring Elements?

For those who are heavily into action which consists of fighting and constant warfare, then Space Engineers may be a little boring to them. There are some enemies in the game to be fought off, such as the Melee creatures or the hostile drones, but the emphasis of the game is not on warfare. It could fall into the category of brains vs brawn. Not to take away from the fact that using physical strength does also require some thought.

Space Engineers Boring Elements

How Does Space Engineers Compare to Other Games?

In this Space Engineers review, we wanted to know how the game stands up against other similar ones. Another aspect of Space Engineers, which makes it so intriguing is that it cannot be appropriately compared to other games. Many say that in some ways it’s like Minecraft, then at the same time, others say it’s not. That is what makes a game like this really stand out among the rest. The majority who have commented on this game will agree that it is similar to others, in that players can build spaceships. But again, there is a big difference, because this task in Space Engineers is not the same.

Space Engineers Unique Features

How Does Space Engineers Live Up to Its Expectations?

A useful Space Engineers review cannot omit what is essential to the gamers.

  • Sound Quality

Sound quality is all going to come down to the player’s preference. In this game, players can choose between arcade or realistic. The sound effects in Space Engineers have been the topic of much discussion among players. Some say there is no sound in outer space.

  • Graphics

Most are pleased with the graphics and more so with the new graphics update. Although there have been some, who have complained about performance issues.

  • Gameplay

In our Space Engineers review, we have discovered that gameplay is high on the list of positive aspects of this game. Players find it challenging and love the fact that they have so much control over what goes on in this game. What also impresses those who are into this game are the constant upgrades which take place, giving players more exciting experiences.

  • Replay Value

Recently, a new replay tool has been added to the game. This allows for a more hands-on experience for those who want to do even more customization. Players can create animated scenes and random encounters.

Space Engineers Story

The Story Behind It

Often, when players are looking at a video game, they want to know the story behind it and ultimately what the end goal is. What makes this game different yet again is this; players get to set the goals for the game. The opinion of others was necessary for this Space Engineers review because they are the ones the game was developed for. The consensus is, that its an “open world, open-end” game and it really puts the gamer in control of how they want the adventure to go.

The Concept of the Game: This is not a game to see who can get the most kills. It is a game which revolves around the engineering and construction that would take place in outer space. It also creates tasks for maintenance of the items the players build, and on what planet they will be best used.

Space Engineers What Others Say

What Do Gamers Say?

If a Space Engineers review were to look at comments made by every buyer of the game, it would mean studying what 500000 purchasers of the game had to say. This is not feasible, but some of the typical comments which are made include the following points:

  • Those who are really into the game overall, find it to be relaxing, but at the same time challenging. Most say it pushes them from one level to another in regards to their creativity.
  • Others like the realism of what it would be like to work in outer space, which is a genuine possibility for the future.

Space Engineers Conclusion

Space Engineers Review Conclusion

For those who want to feel as though they are playing a video game which is not only going to entertain them but allow them to take their intelligence to another level, then this it. Now is a great time to buy the game at where it is readily available and affordable.

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